The Other Supers

The Wages of Sin

Centurion City Knights #1

Blade, Apollo, and Tornado meet for the first time in Centurion City. They stop The Troll from killing Recluse, only later to find out that it was part of a larger plot by Dr. Sin. Dr. Sin created the distraction so that he could steal Medieval Tablet from the Centurion City Museum of History. The heroes analyzed the substance that was used to knock out the museum security guards and patrons, and followed the clues to Chinatown. They went to a person known to deal in these kinds of rare substances, Wong Pi, to ask her about it. While there, they were attacked by ninjas sent by Dr Sin to stop them from snooping around. They easily defeated the ninjas, and then Dr Sin showed up to personally deal with the pesky heroes himself. While Dr. Sin began to explain his master plan, Apollo paralyzed him, and the authorities showed up to take Dr. Sin into custody. Dr. Sin, realizing that Apollo was his old enemy in a new body, swore revenge upon Apollo, and his new friends.


darkpaladin45 darkpaladin45

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